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Why I Journal

Get up at 5:30am. Brush my teeth and then walk downstairs into kitchen and drink 20 ounces of water with Psyllium husk plus glutamine and other supplements.

The biggest challenge people face in our modern times is excessive busyness. From too much time on social media, to long hours commuting and at work, we are all too busy for our own good.

Although many are living longer lives, the quality of those years is diminishing as fewer people are actually living the life they want to live and few are living according to their highest ideals and values.

In a nutshell you could say people are living in survival mode and reacting to life rather than being intentional about living a proactive life with a clear vision about the future.

Let me be very clear by stating that I have struggled immensely in my life when it comes to being organized, productive and living according to my highest values. As a Personal Trainer and studio owner in the fitness industry, I have had 22 years to practice my craft and develop my skills. I have fortunately had financial success making well into the six figures since 2004 but that doesn’t mean my life was balanced.

In fact, I would say the habits I developed in terms of time management and prioritizing my core values and goals were detrimental to my health and happiness.

I prioritized working as many hours as possible in order to pay the bills and overhead which was too high for me in the first place. I opted to eat out at restaurants more often than cook healthy meals mainly because I was fatigued.

The fatigue that resulted from overworking myself caused me to live in this survival mode which did not allow me to make good or healthy decisions. One bad decision beget more bad decisions and the cycle continued until I developed some painful autoimmune symptoms that made me look very seriously into my habits and what I was allowing to happen to my health.

This is where it took me several years to figure out I was working way too hard and was not taking enough time off to play, engage in social connections and vacation. It took several stomach ulcers and working through years of panic attacks to get me to change and prioritize my health and happiness.

The one common denominator in me turning around my health has always been one thing: my morning ritual of journaling and starting off my day with prayer and time for reflection.

The more I journaled the more I searched my soul and heart for what needed to heal and what “stuff” I need to get off my chest and acknowledge. The simple act of dumping the good, the bad and the ugly down on paper started to radically improve my health and get me acquainted with the values, people and things in my life that were important to me. It also revealed the areas that I need to change and improve upon if my life was going to change for the better.

The end result is that I am healthier because I developed the daily habit of checking in with my heart and my mind.

Journaling allows me to:

  • Organize the clutter in my life and weed out the false from the true.
  • It connects to me to my higher values and purpose.
  • It clarifies my WHY.
  • Allows me to brain dump and get everything down on paper.
  • Helps me prioritize what activities and behaviors I need to engage in.
  • Guides my decision making process on what to say NO to.
  • Helps me to focus on the vitally important and say no to the less important.
  • Guides my calendar and time management.
  • Sparks my creativity by helping me ask great questions and sparks my curiosity to study, learn and grow.
  • Helps me reinvent myself daily.
  • Energizes me with a vitality and optimism I never knew possible.
  • Helps me analyze thought patterns that do not serve me or the people around me.
  • Motivates me to commit to a life of excellence and not mediocrity

In conclusion journalling certainly does not need to be a legalistic activity that you do not enjoy. I take breaks from journalling and often like speakingmy  ideas and thoughts into my iPhone recorder instead. Regardless of the method you choose to process your life events and thoughts, what’s important here is that you take the time to reflect , ponder and think about your life.  The consistent practice of examining your life will help you redefine your life in better ways and may help you make the necessary  behavioral changes that will lead to a more full and interesting life.

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