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Improve your Running Technique with Marching and Skipping / Part Three

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This is the third blog post on improving your running technique with Marching and Skipping. This 28 day challenge has a new variation that you perform each day and is meant to be done in order. If you missed Part One and Part Two please click the links and go back and perform those variations first.

By now you should be noticing the benefits of daily marching and skipping and why it’s such a great idea to include in your daily training for improved running form. Not only does it build tremendous coordination between the upper body and lower body, it directly improves the rhythm and timing needed for powerful and safe running. It also builds elasticity in the lower leg tissues which is an adaptation all runners need. So whether you are an endurance runner or short distance sprinter, the variations I have included in this 28 day challenge will make you a more complete and robust athlete.

The 28 different variations will also help improve your physical literacy, which essentially means you will be more well rounded and capable of tolerating more movement variation that the average person. With increased physical literacy comes smoother and more efficient movement which is something all athletes need to strive for.

I hope you enjoy the final 8 variations, (days 20 through 28). Have fun with them and as always, remember that quality trumps quantity. Less is more. Perform any where form 3 to 5 sets of each daily variation.

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Improve your Running Technique with Marching and Skipping / Part Two

The Marching / Skipping Challenge continues.  Improving your marching and skipping will improve your running or sprinting technique which will lead to faster times and a reduced chance of injury. The best runners and sprinters in the world have honed their marching and skipping technique and so should you.

Here are days 11 through 20 of the 28 Day Marching and Skipping Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to perform a new variation each day. That means you have 28 variations that will help you improve your movement skills making you a better athlete. The cool thing is that you also build some decent elastic properties in your lower legs making all running and jumping based activities potentially more powerful.

As with any skilled movement, more is not better. I would do 3 to 5 sets of each variation always realizing the quality trumps quantity. When in doubt, do less.

Enjoy these variations.

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