Minimalist Chicken with the Instapot

With winter upon us and much shorter days, it’s a wonderful time to focus on cooking tasty and healthy food at home. For those of you that followed our last blog post regarding the 28 Day Minimalist Training Plan, this quick and easy chicken recipe is as minimalistic as it gets.

What you need:

  • Chicken of your choice (We opted for chicken on the bone).
  • BBQ Sauce of your choice.
  • Himalayan Sea Salt , Pepper, Onion Salt and Garlic Salt.
  • Instapot (very affordable and well worth it).
  • 1 cup of water.
  1. Pour your cup of water in the pot.
  2. Layer the chicken pieces along side each other.
  3. Season the layer of chicken.
  4. Cover the chicken with BBQ Sauce.
  5. Repeat for additional layers of chicken.
  6. Hit the MEAT/ STEW button, select 15 min on high.

Voila… It’s as easy as that. The result: super tender chicken that is darn tasty. If you know other insanely busy people please share this with them. Try this recipe and you will experience the immense value of this time saving tool.



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