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Improve your Running Technique with Marching and Skipping / Part One

Marching and Skipping have long been used to increase athleticism and movement competency. One of the best things every person can do is to add marching and skipping to their daily exercise practice. The benefits of doing these movements is plentiful as I have been having clients do these variations for many years. The main benefits of marching and skipping are:

  • Improved coordination between upper body and lower body.
  • Marching and Skipping are similar to crawling and thus help integrate both brain hemispheres.
  • Improves running and sprinting technique.
  • Better awareness of how the opposite hip and shoulder work together to produce rotational power and torque.
  • Marching teaches rhythm and tempo which improves motor control.
  • Teaches the importance of using the arms for increased power.
  • Teaches how the arms control the legs and not the other way around.
  • Marching allows you to focus on driving force downwards into ground.
  • Marching and Skipping can improve walking and running technique.
  • Skipping teaches you how to get off the ground quickly and increase stiffness in the lower leg tissues.
  • Skipping is great prep work for sprinting and improves intra and inter-muscular coordination.
  • Skipping, because of the lower amplitude, allows almost all people a starting point to begin power work.
  • Skipping allows you to experience quick ground contacts and helps you discover why you don’t want a big surface area to hit the ground.
  • Skipping is fun and will make you smile. It’s fun.

Here is a 28 day challenge I put together to help you become a better, faster and more skilled runner.  These videos are the first 10 days of the challenge. I recommend doing  3 to 5  sets of each daily variation. As with any form of skilled movement, more is not better. Only do what you can do in excellent technique and if something hurts or doesn’t feel right, skip that variation.

Enjoy these variations.

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