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What is FS Athletics?

At FS Athletics, we don’t just offer personal training in La Jolla – although this is something we pride ourselves on – but a whole host of fitness and health courses, including:


Learn new skills, achieve new levels of greatness!


Want to be an instructor but don’t know where to start? Begin your fitness coach journey with personal training in La Jolla!


Education and personal coaching in fitness, health, lifestyle and nutrition.

Our selection of services combine to empower, encourage and educate our clients to lead fitter and healthier lifestyles. Our instructors are amongst the best in the industry and have decades of experience. Rest assured you are working with an elite class of fitness and lifestyle professionals.


Our specialists assess the needs and goals of each and every individual client. We then work together to devise an effective and achievable exercise and nutrition plan to best suit your body, fitness level and which fits around your lifestyle. Training with us guarantees a very high return on investment.