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Hi, I’m Franz. Welcome to my website. I’m a life enthusiast, husband, father, personal trainer for over 22 years, educator, author and business owner. I love sharing my passion with others, helping people live a richer, healthier and stronger life.

I am a movement geek inspired by graceful movement, from animals hunting their prey to athletes competing in their sport. I believe that we are all born with phenomenal movement potential greatly impacted by how we navigate life. Depending on what we do some of us lose vital motor qualities that impact how we age. One of my greatest passions is to help people recognize that they can still nurture these movement qualities (regardless of their age and life experience) and celebrate gains in their physical strength and abilities beyond what they thought was possible, becoming “Life Strong”.

On my blog page I will share how I help people become life strong. The blog posts will cover programming, exercise techniques and intentions, tutorials and strategies to boost your lifestyle and mindset.

On average I publish one new article every week. If you don’t want to miss out on anything sign up for updates and a free eBook on My Daily Dozen Mobility Plan.